2019 Bathroom Trends

2019 Bathroom Trends



Bathroom remodeling is one of the most common projects we help our clients take on. While a lot of bathroom renovating is about balancing form and function, there’s always room for playing with trends.As more and more of our clients create their dream master bathrooms, we’ve seen different styles come and go. However, as we look toward 2019, we thought we’d share the timeless bathroom trends that we believe are here to stay. Read them all below!

Freestanding Tubs
Statement piece soaking tubs have been a force in bathroom design for a while now, and they aren’t going anywhere. Besides being beautiful, these tubs are a luxurious way to add relaxation to your everyday life.

From copper to gold to nickel to brass, metallic accents and hardware will continue their reign in 2019. Metallics are a natural fit in bathrooms because they’re already filled with metal plumbing, but they also bring extra warmth and texture.

Transitional Style
A perfect mix of traditional and contemporary elements, transitional style revolves around clean lines and simple finishes. Transitional style is also a great choice if you don’t want to commit to one look for your space but still want the room to feel cohesive.

Undermounted Sinks
Freestanding sinks may have been all the rage for a while. However, the classic feel and easy maintenance of under-mounted sinks is making a comeback. Not to mention, a simple sink allows your countertops to get all the attention they deserve!

Sophisticated Tile
Bright colors and bold tile patterns go in and out of vogue, but you can’t beat timeless, sophisticated style. Neutral tones, minimalist shapes, and elegant classics like subway tile have stood the test of time for a reason.

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