Accessibility Remodeling

Accessibility Remodeling

Accessibility Remodeling by Homecare Remodeling

Remodeling a home for accessibility is an important way of creating a living space that accommodates the needs of people with disabilities or limited mobility. Unfortunately, much of our world isn’t built to accommodate the disabled, so a good accessibility remodel shows the value of a comfortable and functional home.

Our goal is to make your homes livable and enjoyable for everyone who lives there. At Homecare Remodeling, we have lots of experience in doing this type of remodeling. We have several considerations that need to be made when undertaking such a project, and we can share our ideas and guidance with you.

Things to Consider in Your Accessibility Remodeling Project

Firstly, the entry and exit points to the house need to be made convenient to use. This may mean wider doorways and easy-to-open and close doors. The entryway may need to be made wheelchair accessible by building ramps or lifts. Even non-wheelchair-bound people can have difficulty climbing stairs, so solutions need to be found to make this easier for them.

Once inside, interior spaces need to be evaluated for maneuverability and functionality. The bathroom made need to be made larger and have grab bars, a roll-in shower with a bench, a raised toilet seat and lower vanity installed. Bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices all need to be evaluated for ease of motility, comfort, and safety.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, so it should be a welcoming space as well. You may need to lower counters, install pull-out shelves and drawers, and get appliances that are at a reachable height. Again, making sure the design can be safely used by the disabled/limited mobility person is an important consideration.

Finally, lighting and flooring should be taken into consideration to improve visibility, movement, and ease of navigation throughout the home.

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