Lower-Level Remodeling

Lower-Level Remodeling

Lower-Level Remodeling

Unfinished lower levels or lower levels in need of an update represent a great deal of opportunity for you as a homeowner. Upon completion, the remodeled space supplies a variety of uses while adding value and comfort to your home.

A popular use of lower-level remodeling is adapting the space into living quarters for older family members, allowing you to create a safe and private space for loved ones to live in comfort. It is also great for providing guests, like your grown adult children and your grandkids, with a place to stay when they visit. Anyone that’s had a houseful of guests understands the importance of privacy, and converting a lower-level area into a living space provides additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces so everyone has privacy when they get together for a visit.

A lower-level area presents many uses only limited by your imagination. If the area has not been completed, it may be stuck as simply storage space or mud room functions.  An outdated lower level may need to be remodeled with a fresh eye to today’s trends in function and style to make it a space you can use to entertain and share with family. With a creative eye, we can help convert that space into a wonderful addition to your home.

A remodeled lower-level area can be used for a variety of functions. Because the space presents fewer space-related challenges compared to a kitchen or bathroom space, a lower level can effectively be remodeled for a single-or multi-use area such as:

  • Guest Rooms/Living Quarters
  • Gym
  • Recreational/Entertainment Rooms
  • Home office
  • Media Room
  • Meeting Space
  • Wet bar
  • Hobby Room
  • Laundry Area
  • Efficient Storage

Lower levels may be less insulated against the elements, making it difficult to keep the house warm during winter and more prone to dampness and mold during the warmer months. Installing better windows and doors can provide better insulation. Remodeling your lower level provides you the opportunity to address all insulation concerns, repairing and upgrading the space for energy efficiency.

Unless they’ve been completed, unfinished lower-level areas do not always get factored into the home’s square footage, effectively counting as negative space in the home design. By finishing the lower level, a home effectively becomes bigger thanks to the added living space, which can increase the overall value of the home.

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