Interior Accessibility

Interior Accessibility

Accessibility Makes a Good Home Better

Sometimes circumstances make you realize the need to remodel your interior space to accommodate a disability, mobility issues, or senior citizen challenges.

Our goal at Homecare Remodeling is to remodel your interior to increase accessibility, to create interior home spaces that can be used by everyone, regardless of physical handicaps or disabilities and to ensure that entering or leaving the house is safe and convenient. Interior accessibility remodeling projects require a great deal of thought, planning, and execution. We have tons of expertise in remodeling for accessibility, and we can help you make good choices.

Interior Accessibility Remodeling

Interior accessibility works by taking into consideration various types of movement needs within a confined space, such as a kitchen or bedroom, or bathroom. Finding solutions to better living spaces is key to making your home accessible and welcoming for people needing to use wheelchairs or other modes of mobility. The whole point is to increase ease of movement and safety.
You may need to add a ramp or in some way modify steps within the home to ensure safety and access. You may need to widen doorways and halls to accommodate wheelchairs. You may need to lower vanities and make showers handicap accessible. Remodeling the interior space to be more inclusive allows everyone to enjoy the home, making those confined spaces less restrictive and more convenient.

All kinds of details can be customized to your specific design needs while still being beautiful to the eye. Interior accessibility remodeling projects take into consideration smaller details like bathroom safety, lighting, and doorways but all particulars can include beauty of design and installation. You do not have to sacrifice aesthetics for utility.

One of the most important considerations of a remodel for accessibility is for safety. Increased spacing in your design, larger doorways, ramps, and better lighting make it safer to move about your house. A good design makes sure that safety is incorporated into the remodel.

A home’s overall comfort is tied to accessibility. Even without limitations on mobility, we can all relate to the inconvenience of cabinets being too high or bathrooms too small or clutter due to lack of storage. Interior accessibility remodeling allows you to make better use of your space while creating maximum mobility and ease of access in every room.

Every successful remodeling project increases the overall value of your home, but interior accessibility remodeling also helps your home fill a niche market by offering potential buyers looking for homes that meet their specific mobility requirements a good choice.

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