What’s Your Home Office Style? | Remodeling

What’s Your Home Office Style? | Remodeling



Working from home has become a normal part of modern office culture. This increase in flexibility has a lot of benefits; parents can arrange their schedules around childcare needs, people are freer to work in atmospheres that suit them, and companies save more on office expenses.

One hitch in the home office plan, though? Not everyone’s home is equipped for domestic bliss and conference calls! This begs the question, do you know your home office style? What working arrangement best fits your home’s layout and your professional needs?

If you’re scratching your head at the questions above, we’ve pulled together a list of common home office styles below. From cozy to creative, trendy to traditional – we’ve got you covered!

Traditional Study
When you think of a classic study or library style office, picture a stately desk, leather chair, and rows of tall bookcases. This office vibe is all about sophistication, clean lines, and making a strong impression. It’s the perfect place for those important meetings that end in celebratory toasts!

Creative Haven
This office mood is much more about getting the creative juices flowing. It’s less formal and more centered around comfort and facilitating inspiration. Everything from bright accent walls to oversized desks to bulletin boards brimming with ideas would be a natural fit in a creative haven office.

Multipurpose Space
A jack of all trades, this style of office serves many masters. It could be a spare room that functions as a kid’s project space, a hobby area, extra storage, and work from home endeavors. With the sort of space, we recommend plenty of organized storage to reduce clutter and transition from task to task seamlessly.

Cozy Corner
The least formal of all, the cozy corner office is nestled in another main living area. This lack of privacy means cleanliness and order are of the utmost importance! These offices usually blend better with your home if you keep things simple and find furnishings that would fit into an office or a living room.

Incognito Office
Finally, the incognito office is stealthy, compact, and streamlined. Examples of this style would be a command center, a stowaway desk or hutch, or even an everyday kitchen island. The least permanent set-up, this office is better than nothing but requires ample patience, efficiency, and structure!
Want Help?
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