The Decked-Out Pantry: Creative Design Tips

The Decked-Out Pantry: Creative Design Tips



Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in most homes. From cooking to homework to hosting, all manner of tasks and family life occurs in the kitchen. The downside of all of this action? If your kitchen’s design isn’t functional, things can quickly start to feel crowded, disorganized, and inconvenient!

Our advice: don’t overlook the power of an efficient, decked-out kitchen pantry. An orderly pantry is your secret weapon. It’s the behind the scenes storage that keeps everything in order. Whether you can accommodate a separate walk-in space or more integrated pull out drawers, below are our tips and tricks for creating the perfect kitchen pantry!

Prioritize Eye Level Space

Eye-level shelves are your premium pantry space, they’re the first thing you see and have access to when you open the door. Save these shelves for everyday staples, frequently used cookware, or your family’s favorite snacks!

Special Spice Storage

One of our favorite pantry trends? Customized spice rack storage! Whether you store them right next to the stovetop or in your walk-in pantry, we love them all. We can think of few modern kitchen upgrades that are more convenient or handy!

The More Containers, the Better

Another key to maintaining a pleasant pantry? Containers — you can never have enough of them! It’s so easy to lose things or give in to disorganization when everything is piled together on shelves. Labeled containers help bring some method to the madness.

Organize Items by Use

Finally, as you’re setting up or remodeling your pantry, assign items to their homes based on how you use them. For example, store similar ingredients together, separate cookware by function, and keep small appliances in easy-to-access areas. Working smarter is half the battle when it comes to kitchen and pantry efficiency!

If you need help remodeling your kitchen and pantry, the Homecare team has got you covered! Get in touch to learn more.