Fall-Friendly Hosting Spaces: 5 Ideas

Fall-Friendly Hosting Spaces: 5 Ideas



As we head into fall, it’s time to start hosting indoors once again. If summer is all about backyard bonfires and barbecues, then fall is for lively dinner parties and cozy evenings by the fire. This begs the question, is your home fall (or even winter) entertaining ready?

Being unhappy with your home can be a real turnoff for fall and winter hosting. Whether’s it’s a lackluster layout, small space, or just a dated design, no one wants to welcome people into their frustrating home. If any of the descriptions above sound like you, why not take the leap and remodel this year?

Need some ideas or inspiration to get things moving? We’ve pulled together a list below of our five favorite fall hosting ideas and improvements!

Media Rooms

Lower level media rooms and party pads are a classic home upgrade. We love these spaces because they’re casual, comfortable, and usually get plenty of use whether or not guests are coming over. From football games to movie nights to award show viewing parties, there’s always a reason to gather with snacks in front of the big screen!

Open-Concept Plans

Another excellent remodeling plan of attack is opening up your main living spaces. Most people prefer less formal entertaining these days, and open-concept homes fit the bill perfectly! Open homes feel more welcoming and relaxed, plus, it’s easier to create a more cohesive design scheme.

Flexible Entertaining Areas

Along the same lines as open-concept homes, flexible hosting areas are a great addition to any home. What do we mean by this? You might consider a custom kitchen bar that could also function as a brunch or party buffet or a four-season porch that’s suited for everything from game nights to book clubs to play dates.

Cozy Nooks

More and more of our clients are creating cozy nooks and secret spots that are all their own. These unique places to read a novel or sip your morning coffee are great ways to personalize your home and add character. We’re all about this return to simple spaces that increase a home’s value and charm.

Dreamy Dining Rooms

Last but not least, is the traditional dining room. If cooking is your passion or you host Christmas dinner every year, then why not design a worthy gathering place? It doesn’t matter if your style is traditional or modern; a beautifully crafted dining space is something you can enjoy for years to come.

Interested in learning more about our process or want to begin planning your next remodel? Give us a call today — we’d love to help you get things rolling!