Hibernation-Friendly Basements

Hibernation-Friendly Basements


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, well, it almost is at least! The first few snowfalls have already come and gone in the Twin Cities, and we’ve got cozy winter hibernation on the brain. If you’re not crazy about shoveling snow and pulling out your heavy jacket, we can all agree that the chilly weather is an excellent excuse to lay low and relax with the people we love.

One of the best places in any Midwestern home to hunker down in is the basement. Out of sight and tucked away, the lower level is the perfect dedicated hangout hub. Need a little help getting your boring basement ready for winter-induced evenings in? Read our favorite features of hibernation-friendly basements below.

Get Cozy and Comfy.
Nothing gets people in the mood to settle in more than a comfortable atmosphere. Fill your basement with furniture suited for lounging, movie-watching, and gathering together. Load up on soft blankets, extra pillows, footstools, and anything else that will help everyone relax. Calm colors, candles, and adjustable lighting are also helpful for setting a laid-back vibe.

Add a Little Fire.
Winter hibernation is all about staying warm and protected. One time-tested way to achieve this is through a crackling fire. Whether we consciously realize it, most of us are hardwired to connect fire with safety and being at our home base. Historically people gathered around fires to cook, camp out for the night, or keep warm. Adding a fireplace of any kind to your basement hideaway will give the area a profoundly inviting feeling that’s undeniable.

Make Room for Food.
Another absolute for hunkering down during the frosty winter months? Food! Basement minibars or kitchenettes are not just ideal for hosting; they’re great for a random Friday night in too. Who wants to run all the way upstairs to refill beverages and popcorn, right? Stock the lower level with all of your crew’s favorite snacks, drinks, and treats. After all, what’s a party without some tasty food?

Fun and Games.
If competition is the way your family likes to stay entertained, then make the basement game central. Install cabinets and shelves filled with everyone’s favorite games, make room for a pool table or foosball, find a giant screen for playing video games and watching football, or add a table big enough to accommodate those marathon Monopoly games. Personalize your space around what you enjoy doing together!

Break a Sweat.
Lastly, to avoid cabin fever, it’s important to keep moving from December through March. If winter sports aren’t really your thing, then consider designing your own workout area. Your entire clan will feel happier and healthier if you prioritize both movie nights and sweat sessions. If you have the room for it, we cannot recommend creating a home gym more!