Cabin Fever: Easy Indoor Projects to Refresh Your Home

Cabin Fever: Easy Indoor Projects to Refresh Your Home


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The holidays are wrapping up, and Minnesota remains in winter’s icy grip for the foreseeable future. Does anyone else struggle to find motivation from January to March in the Midwest? New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts abound, but the cold weather doesn’t necessarily inspire project-mode.

While we’d never deny anyone from indulging in a little seasonal hibernation, a good project and sense of purpose can go a long way towards improving the winter doldrums. Changing your environment in positive ways can create a fresh start and boost your mood! Need a few ideas to get the ball rolling? Read through our favorite easy indoor projects to refresh your home.

Play with Color
Many people prefer subtle or neutral home interiors. However, they should still contrast with a few bright pops of color. Whether it’s an accent wall (paint or wallpaper could work), art, pillows, rugs, or a bright piece of furniture, a little playful color goes a long way!

Create a Plant Oasis
Never underestimate the power of plants. There’s a reason why taking a walk in the woods feels so good, being around growing, living things refreshes us. Starting an indoor oasis is a fantastic way to get that summer green fix, even in the dead of winter.

Kitchen Mini Makeover
An all out remodel might not be in the budget right now, but there are plenty of smaller changes that can better your kitchen. Try adding a new backsplash, repainting your cabinets, installing new hardware or fixtures, open shelves, or extra storage.

Bathroom Transformation
The bathroom is another easy place to update during the winter. Depending on your level of handiness, you could install a new sink, vanity, light fixture, tile, hardware, or storage. Even a fresh coat of paint and new mirror could completely change the mood of your space.

Simplify & Organize
Since you’re already stuck indoors, why not take the time to sort through the growing clutter or crowded spare room? Here’s a good rule to follow: if you haven’t used it in the past year, get rid of it or give it away. Someone else could get valuable use out of items that are taking up your precious space!