Garage Design Trends

Garage Design Trends

In the summer we find ourselves enjoying our outdoor spaces far more than usual. With that in mind, summer is a great time to clean up some of your exterior areas including your shed, porch, and garage. Today, we are going to focus on the latter of the three – the garage.  This often forgotten space can be an oasis of organization with a few thoughtful design tricks. 

  • Clean It Up: Before you begin, take the time to give your garage a thorough cleaning.  Not only will this instantly make your space feel fresher and more organized, it will also help you create an area that is neat and presentable when your garage door is open.  Sweep and power wash you garage floors and walls and consider a fresh coat of paint.


  • Take Advantage Of Wall Space: In our area of uncertain weather and long Minnesota winters, most garages are used for their intended purpose – to garage our vehicles.  As a result, storage space is at a premium.  Make the most use of your available area by utilizing wall space.  Consider what you need to store and install the appropriate heavy duty hooks and holders for your brooms, shovels, yard tools, and mops.  Ongoing organization will be much easier once everything has a place.


  • Loft It: Consider installing a storage loft in the dead zone above your automatic garage door opener’s tracks.  This extra area can be invaluable for storing seasonal  or occasional items that get irregular use, but take up precious space.


  • Create Custom Cabinet Solutions: While open shelving may seem like an easy storage solution, it can also become a dumping ground for stray items.  Instead, invest in some closed cabinets to discourage miscellaneous items from being set down in passing.  Can’t find the right cabinetry for your space?  Consider a custom solution.  Custom cabinets can make the most use of your area and can serve as a great investment in garage organization.


  • Pair & Label Like Items: Think about what all needs to be stored and begin pairing like objects.  Does you family often enter the house through the garage?  Group shoe racks and coat hooks to easily signify an entry area and outwear storage zone.  If your husband is a handyman store his tools in one corner of the garage along with the nuts, bolts and screws that go along with them.  Once items are paired off, label everything.  Taking the time to label each drawer and shelf with its appropriate occupant will save reorganization time in the future.  If something ends up in the wrong place, you can quickly find its proper home with a thorough labeling system.