Aging In Place: Kitchens

Aging In Place: Kitchens

In our last post we discussed home modifications that can be made to help homeowners age in place, specifically in the bathroom.  This week we’ll turn our attention to another much frequented space in the house – the kitchen.  Consider a few of the following changes to help older adults live comfortably in their home as they age. 

  • Cabinet Modifications: Make base cabinets more accessible by replacing standard shelves with roll-out trays.  Corner cabinets can also be outfitted with a lazy susan or other rotating component, making hard to reach areas accessible without wear and tear on your knees or other extremities.


  • Faucet Fixtures: Standard knob fixtures can be replaced with lever handled faucets which are easier for older or arthritic hands to manage and operate.


  • Countertops: While standard countertops are 36” high, modifying counter height to to 28” – 32” allows the kitchen to be utilized by users in wheelchairs or those who prefer to remain seated while working.  In addition, countertop corners should be rounded to help avoid injury if bumped into.


  • Lighting: Key lighting in important for any room and for users of any age.  However, nowhere is this more important than in the kitchen where sharp knives and cutting techniques need to be illuminated to avoid injury.  Be sure the room’s lighting is substantial and if a lack of light is a problem, consider adding under wall cabinet lighting to better illuminate work spaces.

To begin making aging-in-place home renovations in your kitchen or other space, contact Homecare Inc.