5 Creative Ideas to Spice Up Your Family-Friendly Living Room | Remodeling Company Bloomington MN

5 Creative Ideas to Spice Up Your Family-Friendly Living Room | Remodeling Company Bloomington MN



Sometimes you just need to spice things up.  In the living room that is.  The living room (and family room) are where you go to hang out, play games, watch movies with the kids, enjoy time with friends.

Whether you’re remodeling, redecorating, or just need to go a little crazy with something new in your home, here are 5 outside-the-box ideas for adding a little dose of flair to your living room.

1. Map It.  Globes are always a fascinating feature, but why not take things to the next level.  Add a giant world map to the wall (painted, decal, or poster) and mark your family travels together or spend time reading about different cultures.  Get creative by adding a coat of magnetic paint or a corkboard under the map surface, allowing you to add pins or magnets as your heart desires!  No wall space handy?  Add your giant map to a table and coat with glass or mod podge, to create a fun new piece of furniture that does double duty.

2. Go Big with a Custom Photo Decal.  Send a photo of the kids or family to a company like The Wall Sticker Company (or similar photo/wallpaper printing retailer) and voila! a life-size, conversation-starting piece of wall art featuring your bouncing munchkins (or other creative image) can be yours.  Generally, these decals are removable wallpaper-like cut-outs with adhesive backing.  Select a playful, artistic, or silly picture to make the most of your new art, and don’t shy away from size.

3. Sneak in a Games & Puzzle Space.  Trying to get the kids to spend more time doing non-digital activities?  Sometimes pulling them away from screen time can be as hard as getting them to eat their vegetables!  Keep family time old-school with a designated area just for games and puzzles, luring the family in.  Save on space by selecting a table you can push up against the wall and tuck stools underneath.  Or choose a desk with a slide-out tray (like one for a computer keyboard) where half-completed puzzles can lay peacefully, beaconing for more playtime later on. Peek at some ideas here!

4. Create a Chalkboard Wall.  Chalkboard walls are fun for kids (& adults!) of all ages.  They encourage creativity, and never look the same way twice.  They can also make a sophisticated backdrop when you add inspirational quotes, poem snippets, or song lyrics.  To keep dust at bay, consider the newer chalkboard markers, and if you want to be extra bold, consider a brand of chalkboard paint that can be tinted any color!

5. Add a Barn-door TV Cover.  Love that wall-mounted TV, but wish it wasn’t the focal point of your room?  Take some of the emphasis off the screen by integrating mini barn doors to slide over your flat screen.  Choose a fun color that compliments your style, and you’ll have a new artistic feature that looks great open or closed. Check out some TV barn-door cover ideas at houzz here.

Here at Homecare Inc Remodeling we know your home is for living in!  If you’re ready to create a new space for the family to enjoy, or just need some extra work to make what you’ve got that much better, connect with us today!  Located in Bloomington MN, Homecare Inc serves Bloomington, Minneapolis, Apple Valley, Eden Prairie, Richfield, Edina, and more throughout the Twin Cities MN.