Tiny Bedrooms: Tricks of the Trade

Tiny Bedrooms: Tricks of the Trade



When it comes to organizing and bettering at home, the bedroom often gets the short end of the stick. It’s certainly understandable. If hosting is your motivation for remodeling, then the kitchen, living room, dining room, or even basement would be a better place to start. However, there’s no reason to resign yourself to begin and end each day in poorly designed, less than functional space.

Your bedroom should be a haven of tranquility and peace – a cherished personal oasis. Even if you’re working with a pint-sized space, a smart remodeler or designer can help you maximize every last square foot! Need ideas for improving your baby bedroom? Try one of the tricks of the trade we’ve pulled together below!

Built-In Nooks.
Beautifully crafted built-ins are a welcome addition to any room. One of our favorite spots to stretch square footage is between the closets. An added, built-in desk nook there is convenient and creates a designated space to stash your laptop, store cell phone cords, and set aside paperwork.

Unexpected Shelving. 
In general, well-planned shelving is a game-changer for small spaces. It frees up extra space and can help camouflage clutter in pretty baskets or containers. Out of sight out of mind right? Instead of a typical spot, try adding a shelf somewhere unusual, for example, above the door or windows. It will add character and storage to your room!

Keep it Light.
Simply stated, color matters. Even if bold, dark shades are your style, we’d still suggest that you seriously reconsider before painting a small space with them. Bright and light colors make spaces feel bigger and more open, while dark ones can make a room appear even smaller.

Window Treatments.
Window treatments are another method to bring a sense of scale and grandeur to tiny rooms. Obviously, you don’t want to hamper the natural light, but simple curtains can accentuate it. Lastly, be sure to install window treatments higher than your windows; this helps bring the illusion of height to smaller rooms.

Magic Mirrors. 
We know mirrors are the oldest trick in the book. However, they’re still the perfect easy fix to make a small space feel bigger. Our one caveat, though? Use with caution; one mirror looks lovely, an entire wall starts to look like a carnival funhouse.