The Serene & Organized Bathroom: Bathroom Storage Solutions that Make the Most of Your Space

The Serene & Organized Bathroom: Bathroom Storage Solutions that Make the Most of Your Space


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You want an organized bathroom, you really do!  But in a bathroom, a lot of items compete for a little bit of space, making bathroom organization sometimes hard to manage.  Can you relate?Is having a calm and relaxing bathroom really a possibility?  What type of storage solutions can actually make this happen?Whether you’re remodeling, or just reorganizing, here are some ideas that might just make all the difference:1. Build it In: Built-in cabinetry is better suited to the small space of a bathroom than you might think.

  • Hidden Wall Space: By using recessed built-ins, you can take advantage of the hollow spaces hiding behind your drywall to gain those precious storage inches. Consider a recessed medicine cabinet, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, or cubbies in your shower.

  • Built-in Shelving: Even the smallest wall space can accommodate new shelving when constructed right. Open shelves can save on space by not having doors that swing open.

2. It’s All in the Vanity: The bathroom vanity is a staple for a good reason.  Make the most of your vanity by considering these twists.

  • The Vanity Tower: A wonderful way to add storage without taking up more floor space, a vanity tower sits on top of your bathroom counter, like an upper cabinet. Easily adaptable to your bathroom’s style, vanity towers can even feature glass doors or open shelves to give the illusion of a more open space.

  • Open-Shelf Vanity: Vanity furniture pieces (like a long table / shelf) are becoming more popular. These open-faced shelving units creatively and practically store your daily necessities. You can artfully use baskets or other containers to maintain a clean look.

3. Get Creative with Cabinets: Take your typical cabinet up a notch and you’ll see that little tweaks make a big difference!

  • Open Shelf Cabinets: Consider built-in cabinetry with no doors for the flexibility to use baskets, trays, or other containers, or opt for some closed storage and some open.

  • Drawers: When you opt for a variety of sizes, drawers are an efficient way to maximize your bathroom storage. Consider installing small drawers with dividers for makeup, a specialty drawer for larger items, or even a pull-out drawer with built-in stacking shelves.

4. Go For A Basket: When in doubt, add a basket! They can be used with other features, like cabinetry, or tucked in corners or on surfaces as necessary.  Options for color, styles, and textures are endless.

  • Keep small items organized on open shelves.

  • Artfully display toilet paper rolls.

  • Gather towels or washcloths.

  • Hide your hair dryer, cord and all!

Need some visuals?  Check out these images on bathroom storage ideas featured on Houzz!Looking to add more storage to your bathroom? Considering a bathroom remodel? Homecare Remodeling would love to help!  We work on remodels, large and small, in the Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Apple Valley, Richfield, and surrounding Twin Cities area.  Contact us today!