Summer Projects: Exterior Maintenance Musts

Summer Projects: Exterior Maintenance Musts



The fourth of July has come and gone, and we’re thinking about sunny summer home maintenance tasks. After all, summer in Minnesota is ideally suited for tackling your repair and upkeep to-do lists! Whether you’re a DIY champ or prefer to call in the pros, read our summer exterior maintenance musts below.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing brings new life to a home’s exterior like a bright, new paint job! If an entirely new paint color isn’t necessary or an option, think about updating strategic spots such as your home’s trim, mailbox, front door, window boxes, or garage door.

Refinish the Deck or Porch

Most outdoor wooden gathering spaces require both seasonal and annual upkeep. Your deck or porch shouldn’t need elaborate repair every year. However, summer is the time to inspect it for problems, replace rotting boards, and secure railings or hardware.

Invest in Landscaping

Another excellent summer exterior project to take on is improving your home’s landscaping. Few things boost your home’s curb appeal more than lush plants or beautiful flowers! The summer months are also perfect for less glamorous chores, like laying new wood chips, rocks, or mulch.

Give Everything a Good Scrub

Much like the interior, the outside of our home needs a good cleaning every so often! Be sure to give your windows, gutters, and siding a gentle scrub, along with clearing cobwebs, nests, or any other debris. One word of warning, approach power washers with great caution, they are powerful enough to be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly.

Have a home remodeling project you’d like to tackle this summer? Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help!