Remodeling Questions: DIY or Don’t?

Remodeling Questions: DIY or Don’t?


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Making your list and checking it twice this time of year? No, we’re not alluding to Christmas gifts – we’re talking about your home projects wish-list. Whether it’s a mental list of someday dream projects or a real one of necessary home improvements, you might be wondering, can I do any of these things myself?

Between magazines, blogs, Houzz, Pinterest, and renovation shows, it’s tempting to think any project is DIY-able. However, we aren’t all Chip or Joanna Gaines. Some of us really shouldn’t be tearing down walls, rewiring light fixtures, or installing kitchen cabinets!

So, how do you know which updates to tackle on your own and when to recruit professional help? Read below for a breakdown of the projects we think are easy to do yourself, moderately difficult, and definitely DIY no-nos.

DIY Friendly Updates
These are the projects we think you can save a little cash on and handle yourself. Most of them are easy to figure out; they just take a little elbow grease!

  • Painting

  • Laying tile

  • Basic landscaping

  • Adding shelves or towel bars

  • Pulling up old carpeting

  • Replacing your front door

  • Taking down or putting up wallpaper

  • Replacing kitchen hardware

Intermediate Home Projects
Consider this section of updates the next level of difficulty. Take them on if you’re a handy home-improver, but approach with caution if you’re a DIY novice.

  • Installing simple countertops

  • Repainting kitchen cabinets

  • Hanging light fixtures or ceiling fans

  • Adding a new bathroom vanity

  • Laying a complex tile pattern

  • Basic rewiring

  • Building a fence or deck

  • Refinishing wood floors

Do-Not-Attempt Alone Renovations
This final tier of projects should not be attempted unless you’re an experienced remodeler or without the help of a professional contractor.

  • Redesigning your kitchen layout

  • Installing new appliances

  • Major plumbing changes

  • Complex wiring projects

  • Tearing down walls

  • Home additions

  • Big structural changes (think permits)

  • Installing a new fireplace

Curious to learn more about the Homecare Remodeling process or ready to chat about your project ideas? Reach out to Steve anytime – he’d love to help you get the ball rolling!