Media Room Makeover

Media Room Makeover

The media room serves as the perfect multipurpose family wide relaxation vacation.  Unlike the home theater, which is typically outfitted to replicate a cinema experience, the media room is a more relaxed and versatile space.  The perfect use for an unfinished basement, an empty attic, or a spare bedroom, a media room may be just what your family needs to get their game on!  What are today’s media rooms made of?

Flexible Seating & Space: Because a media room is designed to have many uses, the ideal seating is flexible and portable. Typical media room seating includes conversational arrangements that can be adapted to fit whatever form of entertainment is on the menu for any given evening.  In addition, media rooms can be flexible in aesthetic as well.  To avoid the look of the stereotypical “tech center,” keep technology hardware and media gear tucked into cabinets or other pieces that can be closed and hidden when not in use.

Thoughtful Room Layout: The layout of your space is one of the most important components to reflect on when preparing your media room. While the television is not the only element to be considered, it is still an important one.  For optimumviewing, the center of your television screen should be no more than fifteen degrees above eye level.  In addition, seating should be placed at a distance equal to one and a half times the diagonal measure of the television screen.

Sound Absorption: Whether your room will be used for board games with the family or watching the big game with your friends, media rooms are typically noisy spaces.  Help to mitigate sound distractions by filling your room with sound absorbing pieces such as fluffy sofas, thick drapery and deep carpets.

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