How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

Deciding to remodel your home is a big decision. For homeowners with small spaces, the question is usually not if they should remodel, but rather how to remodel. Small spaces, especially bathrooms, can be a bit more challenging to remodel — but it’s not impossible! Check out these simple remodeling tips for small bathrooms!

Replace Doors

Doors can make an already small space feel even smaller. A door that swings inward can disrupt the flow of your bathroom, making it awkward to move around within the space. Consider replacing standard swing-open doors with sliding or pocket doors to fully utilize the available area. If a full door replacement isn’t in your budget, try changing the direction the door swings or replace the hinges with a swing-clear option that allows for more clearance.

Install a Space-Saving Toilet

When it comes to saving space in your bathroom, you might not think of the toilet right away. However, the toilet you choose has the power to free up valuable space — without sacrificing visual appeal. Round front toilets are shorter and more compact, making them a great option for squarish bathrooms that are tight in both width and depth. A wall hung toilet features a tank hidden behind the wall to create a sleek floating appearance that can save up to 9″ inches of space.

Opt for a Floating Vanity

Speaking of floating….skip the traditional bathroom vanity and opt for a floating design instead. Floating vanities are ideal for small bathrooms because they take up less floor space and reduce visual clutter.

Maximize Natural Light

One way to make a small bathroom feel larger is to utilize natural light sources. Natural light not only brightens a room but also visually opens it up and gives it character. If your small bathroom has windows, use minimal window treatments and draw outside colors inside to help expand the look of the space.

Make the Most of Storage

Big or small, a bathroom needs storage. Custom cabinets are one of the best ways to add functional storage to your bathroom remodel. They allow you to take advantage of every nook and cranny your small bathroom offers. Better yet, you can add creative storage solutions like hot tool holders, towel-warming drawers, and more!

Create Optical Illusions

When remodeling your small bathroom, choose a large, eye-catching mirror. In addition to adding sparkle to the room, it will help the space feel larger. Using white throughout your design choices can also make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Prioritize Your Must-Haves

Above all, incorporate the elements that matter most to you. After all, it’s essential that your remodeled bathroom works for you and your needs! Just because a feature is trendy, doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Choose the items that will make the biggest difference in your home and skip the rest. Don’t need a fancy bathtub? Opt for a larger walk-in shower instead! Could you live without a built-in makeup vanity? Use that space for a linen closet and maximize your storage. The choice is yours!

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