Designing a Welcoming Basement Space: Basement Remodeling & Finishing |  Bloomington MN Basement Remodeler

Designing a Welcoming Basement Space: Basement Remodeling & Finishing |  Bloomington MN Basement Remodeler



Too often when homeowners remodel their basement, they think of it as a whole different space.  But the basement is an extension of your home, and one you’ll be spending a lot of time in once it’s finished!  So rather than disregard it as less important than the rest of your home, select quality materials, finishings, and decor that compliment the rest of your home and add value.Whether you’re finishing an empty basement, or remodeling the space you have, here are some great tips on designing a welcoming, cozy basement: 

  • Create an open floor plan. Basements can often feel cramped due to their below-ground status. To make yours feel spacious and open, avoid excess walls and don’t chop the space into too many rooms. A great way to separate spaces is to consider half-wall or walls with window cut-outs. It’s also a good idea to make the extra effort to have the ceiling height increased if possible.

  • Select products and materials that are used throughout the rest of your home. Avoid erring on the side of low-quality materials “just because it’s going in the basement.” Choose fixtures, woodwork, and doors that fit in with the rest of your home. To add value and make your investment worth-while, there should be a fluid transition between upper and lower spaces.

  • Keep your basement well-lit. Don’t skimp on lighting. Install plenty of overhead fixtures like recessed lights so that the your basement space is a bright area any time of the year. To add charm to the room, accent with wall sconces. Collect as much natural light as possible by installing below-ground egress windows before you start.

  • Stay smart with the storage. Delegate space for a roomy storage closet. Then take advantage of the nooks and crannies of a basement and use them to add built-in shelving or a pull out storage bench.

  • Add cozy touches. Splurge a little. Frame off windows using nice trim, put in doors with accent features, add those sconces, or build your shelving with charm. These are all factors that make your basement less “basement like.” Consider adding a fireplace against the main wall, which will not only make your basement look more complete, but feel cozier as well with extra warmth during the colder months here in the Twin Cities.

All in all, make your investment worthwhile by designing a basement that is as inviting as the rest of your home!  Looking for some creative ideas as you’re planning your new basement?  Check out these inspiring basements featured by hgtv.Ready to begin your basement remodeling adventure?  Connect with us here at Homecare Inc Remodeling!  50+ years of remodeling experience have served us well.  Located in Bloomington MN and serving Minneapolis, Eden Prairie, Apple Valley, Richfield, Edina, and more throughout the Twin Cities, MN area.