Design Trends: Custom Home Bars

Design Trends: Custom Home Bars



As interior trends become more focused on expressing individual lifestyles and open-concept layouts continue to ascend in popularity, it only makes sense that custom bars are enjoying a design resurgence. Traditionally associated with more formal entertaining styles, the classic bar cart or wet bar area are both making major comebacks in recent years.

Whether combined with a media room, game area, man cave, or incorporated into the main living space, creative bars are a great addition to any home’s hosting setup! When designed thoughtfully, bars aren’t just good for happy hours or cocktail parties; they’re extra kitchen or buffet space, flexibly suited to any soiree!

While custom bars are all about tailoring an environment to your wants and needs, here is our basic advice about what elements and ideas to consider before adding one to your home.

1. Who’s Using It? 
Possibly the greatest factor to consider is who uses your space each day. It may sound painfully obvious, however, who’s using your room has huge safety implications. If your bar will be more informal or connected to main family rooms, then things related to children’s safety must be accounted for and planned around.

2. What’s the Mood? 
The next question that we recommend focusing on is what mood you want your bar to have. Cool and classy, rustic and cozy, casual and sporty? The sky is truly the limit – your hosting space should reflect your social style and family vibe. Need ideas to get started? Try browsing Houzz, Pinterest, or design magazines!

3. What Features Make the Most Sense? 
Lastly, since they’re not a true necessity, it can be easy to get out-of-hand quickly with fun add-ons and flashy bar features. To ward off outspending your budget on too many bells and whistles, we’d advise discerning which items you’d use regularly before getting started. Dreaming big is always fun, but it’s pointless to invest in a keg tap if you don’t actually like beer!