Creating a Home Office that Works for You

Creating a Home Office that Works for You



The home office is on the rise, according to the site Business to Community, one in every five people are estimated to be working from home at least one day a week. Working from home has a lot of benefits: a flexible schedule, lack of commute time, and an increased work/life balance. However, as wonderful as telecommuting can be, its virtues can easily be overshadowed by a bad home office. Whether it’s too cramped, dark, or disorganized, a poor environment can sour any blissful work from home plans. Looking to upgrade your current home office situation? Check out our tips below before you get started!

1. Peace and Quiet or Hustle and Bustle.
Only you know what environment is best suited to your working habits and productivity, which is why you should feel empowered to work where you feel comfortable. Whether that’s in the middle of the action or secluded in silence, find a place that works for you! The home office has evolved since Mr. Brady’s secluded 70’s den, don’t be afraid to incorporate workspace into the rest of your home.

2. Set the Tone with Color. 
Unlike anything else, color can set the tone of any room. Bright, bold colors provide a lot of energy and stimulation. Cool, subtle colors promote a feeling of calm and tranquility. As you design your office, choose a color palette that reflects the tone you want to set, then find pieces that compliment that style.

3. Give Every Item a Home. 
Increasing built-in and organized storage is an excellent way to improve any floundering home office. Especially if you’re struggling with a cluttered multi-use space, having each item assigned to a particular home can work wonders. Also, don’t forget, there’s often more storage to be found if you move upward; so stack those shelves as high above that desk!

4. Strategize Shared Space. 
When it comes prioritizing spaces we know the office often gets the shaft; other family areas come first or there simply isn’t room in your home’s floor plan. We get it, but a lack of private space doesn’t mean that you can’t have an office, you just need a little strategy! Add a lovely styled desk to the living room, establish a shared kitchen nook for homework and bills, or buy a beautiful storage piece to hide materials when you’re not working at the dining room table.