Best Bathroom Design Trends

Best Bathroom Design Trends



As interior design practices evolve, some rooms seem more subject to fads than others. Often approached with a more utilitarian mindset, bathrooms can be left behind during remodels. After withstanding decades of bland style, bathrooms are finally getting in on the fun! Larger interior trends are popping up more in bathrooms; creating playful spaces filled with personality.

Does your bathroom need a little new life breathed into it? There are endless ways to make a design impression! However, in an attempt to not overwhelm you with information, we’ve pulled together our top 5 favorite recent bathroom trends. Any of these ideas are sure to make your space more memorable!

1. Unique Tile Patterns and Styles. 
Unique tile designs and patterns are enjoying a huge resurgence as of late. From the ubiquitous subway tiles to bold patterns and colors, there are plenty of options available to try! A minor tile refresh or accent wall is also a great way to change your bathroom with less expense.

2. Natural Textures and Materials. 
More and more, natural tones, materials, and textures are making their way into the bathroom lately. Everything from vanities to sinks to walls is getting finished in earthy wood, stone, and ceramic materials.

3. Amped-Up Showers. 
Increasingly, larger portions of homeowners are opting for tricked out showers over spa tubs. Most people shower every day, leaving fancy tubs forgotten beyond special occasions and downtime. Expanded double capacity and oversized showerheads only continue to surge in popularity – they’re perfectly practical and an everyday indulgence!

4. Metallic Fixtures. 
Silver fixtures have been a mainstay in bathrooms for years, but lately, other metallics are showing up too. Gold, brass, and copper tones are becoming more common, along with matte and brushed finishes. Metallic finishes are a great way to add a splash of glamour and flash to your bathroom’s style!

5. Spa Ambiance. 
Who needs to patronize a pricey spa when you can unwind in the comfort of your home? Spa influenced touches have steadily made their way into bathrooms for years, and only keep rising! Calm color palettes, mood lighting, soft textiles, and small furniture can help give your bathroom that spa feeling.