5 Tips to Create a Kitchen Designed with Aging in Mind

5 Tips to Create a Kitchen Designed with Aging in Mind

There are a few key elements to consider when designing an aging-in-place kitchen for yourself or someone you love. The goal is to create an aesthetically appealing kitchen that’s also functional for the aging adult.

At Homecare, we have plenty of experience helping our clients design a kitchen with aging in mind. Keep reading for our tips to help older adults live comfortably in their home as they age.

Keep the Sink Close to the Stove

As we get older, carrying big posts of water to and from the stove is harder, and any spilled water creates a slipping hazard. Keeping the sink close to the stove with a small workplace in between makes it easier to access the cooktop while leaving a place to rest in between. And, while we’re talking about sinks: consider installing a shallow sink and a faucet with touch technology, which are much easier on the back and hands.

Rethink Your Countertop Height

Install a countertop with a height of about 28-32 inches instead of the standard 36 inches. A lower countertop height will benefit older adults who prefer to sit while working in the kitchen and use wheelchairs in the space.

Opt for Rounded Edges

When it comes to countertops and open shelving, avoid 90-degree angles. Round edges reduce the chance of bumps and bruises if you hit your hip or elbow while navigating the kitchen.

Install Accessible Cabinet Storage

While designing your aging-in-place kitchen, consider the accessibility of the lower cabinets and those with blind corners. Instead of standard cabinets, add more pull-out drawers or roll-out shelving for easier access to those hard-to-reach objects. A lazy susan is also a good idea, as you can easily rotate to find what you need.

Choose Thoughtful Lighting

Ensure your kitchen lighting plan illuminates all the correct workspaces efficiently. When working with small utensils or sharp objects, you want to make sure you have enough light. And lastly, consider adding under cabinet lighting for evening or nightlight use.

The Homecare team understands the importance of designing a well-thought-out kitchen with aging in mind. That’s why we like to create a plan that’s custom to your needs now and in the future. When you’re ready to get started on your kitchen remodel, contact our team!

Photo by SHVETS production