5 Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2015  |  Kitchen Remodeling Bloomington MN

5 Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2015  |  Kitchen Remodeling Bloomington MN



Toying with the idea of revamping your kitchen, but not quite sure what you’d do with it?  Here are 5 top kitchen remodel trends that are supposed to rock the remodeling world this year.  Are they for you?  Get that wish list out — you just might want to start taking notes:

1. Furniture Style Kitchen Pieces — As the kitchen has been evolving into more and more of a home-base space, kitchen design has been evolving with it: less utilitarian and more an extension of the rest of the home.  Using kitchen pieces that feature a furniture-look is one way to do this.  Choosing a kitchen island with legs, for instance, gives it the feel of a stand-alone piece, and makes the room more cozy and welcoming.  Peek at a few such kitchen islands here.

2.  Open Shelving – Get ready to show off that brightly colored teapot (and have better access to your salt and pepper shaker as well!)  Open shelving isn’t just for pretty stuff anymore – it’s gone practical, and it’s a great way to store kitchen items you use regularly, alongside fun kitchen pieces you might want to feature as part of your decor.  Think olive oil collection next to that bright red crockpot – attractive, but completely useful.  The styles of these shelves vary to suit the style of the room, as you can see in the photos here.

3.  Color & Contrast are Back — The all-white kitchen that has been reigning strong for the past few years is still a beautiful thing, but color and texture are making their way back into the kitchen.  In what ways?  Color pop walls (particularly blue tones), wallpaper, accent tile motifs, and especially black cabinetry.

4.  Texture & Natural Tones — Kitchens are a little bit less sleek than they have been.  Recent remodels have begun to incorporate more cork, stone, raw edge granite, paneling, or cabinet wood that features more of a natural look.  Of course, mixing and matching the trendy contemporary feel alongside the old-school traditional items is part of what makes this trend work.

5. Mixed Metals Continue to Mix Things Up — Designing a kitchen with silver-toned fixtures, bronze handles, and a single gold faucet is no longer taboo.  In fact, it’s up and coming.  These metals can help draw the eye to certain features or give a kitchen just a tad bit more personality.  Painting a portion of a wall with metallic paint is also one way that kitchens are showing off the metallic trend.  Read here for some more ideas on making this trend work without going overboard.

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