5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Try in 2021

5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Try in 2021



It’s a brand-new year, and you know what that means: it’s time for the latest home remodeling trends! While we love watching all the new trends emerge, we’re especially excited about what’s trending in kitchen design. Keep reading to see some of our favorite kitchen remodeling trends for 2021!

Bringing the Outdoors In

We spent a lot of time cooped up inside in 2020, which left many of us with cabin fever. As a result, many homeowners are looking for ways to connect with the outdoors. Bi-fold doors and large windows are a great way to provide unobstructed views of the outside world. Best of all, they have a functional element; incorporating windows and doors in your kitchen design encourages fresh airflow throughout your home. If this type of architectural upgrade isn’t quite in your budget, swap heavy window treatments with lighter fabrics like linen or soft woven shades.

Hidden Appliances

There’s no doubt that kitchen appliances have come a long way in terms of technology and aesthetics. Designer appliance lines like GE’s Cafe Series combine the best of both worlds, make it easy to design a kitchen that’s just as beautiful as it is functional. That said, hidden appliances are gaining traction in the latest kitchen remodeling trends. Rather than having a fridge or dishwasher on full display, homeowners are opting to hide them behind pretty wood paneling. Meanwhile, smaller appliances are kept out of sight in spacious walk-in pantries or cabinet pull-outs. The result is a simple, sleek look that frees up counter space!

Multi-Zone Kitchens

With the kitchen acting as the central hub of most homes, it’s no surprise homeowners are looking for a way to make it more functional in 2021. Enter the multi-zone kitchen. Designed to accommodate various tasks, this kitchen remodeling trend adopts a “work trapezoid” with dedicated areas for baking, prepping and chopping, and separate stations for snacks and drinks.

Warm Colors

White kitchens remain a popular home remodeling trend, but 2021 is sure to see a rise in kitchens boasting warm colors. PPG’s 2021 Palette of the Year suggests that beige is back — especially when paired with warm clay and turquoise accents. Design elements like natural wood tones, gold hardware, woven textures, and greenery are great complements to warmer hues.

Decorative Range Hoods

Until recently, range hoods have been an afterthought in most kitchen designs. This kitchen remodeling trend has homeowners turning this once boring kitchen element into a decorative focal point. With options ranging from wood to stone and everything in between, finding a range hood that fits your style is easier than ever. Prefer to keep it subtle? Give the typical stainless steel hood a facelift by choosing a different finish or sleek design.

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