2016 Kitchen Trends | Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

2016 Kitchen Trends | Kitchen Remodeling Ideas



Kitchen trends are just that – trends! Some you may love and want to incorporate into your kitchen, and some may just not be your style. Regardless, who doesn’t love reading about what’s new?!

1. Lighting.
From functional to decorative lighting, it all counts in the kitchen! Homeowners want more than standard ceiling lights. Big pendant lights made of metal, basket, steel, recycled materials and more are making a big statement in kitchens these days. Usually located over the island, these lights add a wow factor to any room. A well thought out lighting plan is essential to all kitchen remodels. Find some great lighting ideas here.

2. Decorative Range Hoods.
Just like pendent lighting, range hoods have been a strong aesthetic focal point in kitchens. Range hoods were a big trend in 2015 and will continue to be in 2016. Both wood and metal are popular, with metal as the dominant choice for most homeowners this year.

3. Muted colors.
White has ruled in the world of kitchen cabinetry, but now, in addition, muted colors are trending to the top. You will see gray, charcoal, and tinted white colors used on cabinets and backsplashes. And as in the past, it’s still on trend to mix and match your colors and woods to create interest.

4. Hidden Technology.
More kitchens are being built with technology in mind. From the appliances with smart technology to the hidden cell phone charging stations. And don’t forget the friendly hands-free faucets (like these here from Delta) – who wouldn’t find convenience in this! And if you or your children are slightly forgetful, sensor-activated lighting might be just what you need.

5. Storage. Storage. Storage.
And just not standard storage, organized storage! Kitchen owners today desire an organized kitchen, making it easy and quick to find what they need. Therefore drawers, cabinets, and all storage spaces are most often customized with special inserts and shelving to house their utensils when not in use.

Here at Homecare Remodeling, we enjoy helping our clients plan and complete successful kitchen remodels. If you are thinking you’d like any of these ideas incorporated into your next remodel, please let us know!